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New royalty claiming will be launching for the bulls due to the migration of contracts

The new royalty claiming will be launched on the 1st of February 2024 (delayed due to migration issues and contract bugs), This new and improved royalty claiming will allow any bulls holder to claim an even split of the 3 Steakhouse Tokens for each bulls nft held.

We have chose to move to this system to still reward our bulls holders whilst also improving the stability and long term overall health of the tokens and the project itself.

A change has been made to the overall amount however, Every week 60% of all royalties earned will be converted into the even split of the steakhouse tokens, we have learnt over the past year that we need to retain some of these royalties to enable better features and services to our holders over the long term rather than the short.

One of these features you will be pleased to hear is gasless claiming of these tokens, that means at just the click of a button you will instantly be able to claim against your owned tokens for any pending rewards or build them up and show others what they could be a part of!

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