The Steakhouse

Trusted Cases NFT

"With Cronos new to the game. I've seen tons of projects fail, give up, or just straight out rug. So many paper hands expecting to get rich overnight."

"Investing is a long-term decision"

-Trusted Founder and project lead

Here at Trusted we're in it for the Long haul. A majority of sales generated from mint will be forever locked. A small portion will be used to develop the project. Distributing 1/2 of returns to holders of this NFT. The other half will be locked used to grow the pool. We are also taking a percentage of secondary sales that will also go directly to the pool and remain locked. Consistently growing our pool which in turn will bring us the most profitable long-term returns. Utility is our goal.

Mint Details:

Whitelist Mint: 300 CRO

Public Mint: 350 CRO

Total Pieces: 4900 + 1 Test NFT (Burnt)

Case types

Golden Case with Ruby inset, 250 Max

Silver Case with Sapphire inset, 950 Max

Copper Case with Emerald inset, 1700 Max

Wooden Case with Quartz inset, 2000 Max

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